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Geotechnical and Geological solutions

Geotechnical Engineers are tasked to determine the failure mode of the soil for a particular project. This can be a very challenging, costly and time consuming task for highly variable and complex soil deposits (eg. Peaty soils, voids  in limestone and erodible soils). 


Infrastructure Assessment

Our public and private infrastructure have reached or is fastly approaching their end of life and are slowly deteriorating beyond service levels. Maintaining and repairing these  infrastructure is the only way to prevent  life threatening accidents that are due to infrastructure failure.

Concrete Assessment and Evaluation

Over the years engineers and developers have gained vast experiences and knowledge with respect to concrete as a construction material. In recent years, it has been determined that concrete is not a maintenance free material and will deteriorate over time, depending the nature of it’s environment of course.

Our Mission.

To use applied geophysics to provide developers, engineers, contractors, consultants and decision makers with valuable insight below the surface of their project.


This would give them the ability to make more informed decisions, reduce unforeseen risks, saves time and money on each project.

Best services in

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  • Utility location

  • Archeology Studies

  • Infrastructure Maintenance

  • As-Built Verification

  • Underground Storage Tank

  • Road and Pavement Evaluation

  • Sinkhole Location

Our Solution.

  • Geotechnical and Geological Solutions

  • Infrastructure Assessment

  • Concrete Assessment and Evaluation

  • Environmental and Contamination Studies